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Heart transplants

Save 7 lives

Every year fewer transplants are performed in South Africa – while the demand for organs gets bigger every day.

Transplant immunology

Allogeneic organ transplantation is the removal of a whole or partial organ from one person (the donor) to another (the recipient) in order to fix or replace a damaged or failing organ such as a liver, heart, lung, or pancreas.

A doctor remembers

It's 42 years since the first heart transplant. An exclusive interview with the team's neurosurgeon who declared the donor brain-dead.

FAQ about organ donation in SA

How you can make sure that someday you become a lifesaver, an organ donor, leaving the wonderful legacy of life for others?

Heart transplant: what to expect

Patients who are eligible for a heart transplant are placed on a waiting list for a donor heart. Wait times vary from days to several months.

A history of transplants

From ancient myths to a world-first in Cape Town, Cybershrink gives his take on the story of heart transplants.

When are you dead?

A beating heart and breathing are synonymous with life. In the case of a brain injury, death may in fact occur hours before the heart stops beating.

Organ transplant statistics

The latest figures from the Organ Donor Foundation show that there are currently over 3 500 South Africans waiting for organ and tissue transplants.

Get CyberShrink's take

The Beautiful Heart is a South African documentary series that focuses on heart-transplant operations performed by Dr Susan Vosloo at the Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital.

Chris Barnard: profile of a pioneer

Chris Barnard amazed the world when he did the first human heart transplant, and then continued to overwhelm with his smile and charm. Health24's Mari Hudson reflects on his life.

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