Heart Health

Foods, diet and your heart


Top tips for cooking with vegetable oils

Don’t allow your vegetable oil to spoil. Olive oil and other oils are vulnerable to the damaging effects of air, light, and heat, so make sure to keep them fresh.

Omega-3 fatty acids cut fatal heart attack risk

Researchers looked at blood and tissue omega-3 levels in participants of numerous studies and found that omega-3s were associated with about a 10 percent lower risk of fatal heart attacks.

South African seed oils are safe and healthy

Are South African canola, sunflower and olive oil toxic, as claimed by 'The Real Meal Revolution'? Nutritional researchers and dietitians investigate and give us their verdict.

Calculate your hidden salt

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa joins forces with World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) to increase awareness of salt intake – with the launch of a digital salt intake calculator.

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