Updated 07 October 2013

One way to balance blood sugar and energy levels is by eating low G.I. foods

Low G.I. foods offer protection from heart disease.

One way to balance blood sugar and energy levels is by eating low G.I. (Glycaemic Index) foods, for example, a low GI bread. A low GI food minimizes the risk of one's blood sugar and insulin levels suddenly shooting up (and then dropping equally quickly). Instead of a rush of energy, low G.I. breads cause a slow, steady release of energy that keeps you feeling full for longer. This, in turn, may reduce  cravings, which might minimise overeating. In many cases, overeating can lead to weight gain and in turn this can increase one’s risk of becoming obese.
According to the GI Foundation, low G.I. foods offer protection from heart disease, leading to an improvement in diabetes, and bringing about better weight loss than any other diet.

As such, low G.I. bread is an excellent dietary choice for every family member. Albany Superior offers a comprehensive range of low G.I. breads. There is an option for every family member and something for every individual's taste and lifestyle. Available in three delicious variants - Albany Superior Wholewheat, Low G.I. Seeded Brown and Low G.I. White bread - Albany low G.I. bread is also cholesterol free and high in fibre. Foods high in dietary fibre help to maintain a normal bowel function and prevent constipation, keeping you regular. With Albany bread, each slice delivers on longer lasting freshness, big and consistent slices, and superior quality.

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