Hearing management


Neighbours driving you crazy?

Sunday morning, and you’re revelling in a bit of a lie-in. Then your DIY-mad neighbour charges up his new electric drill. Do you have the legal right to tell him to shut up?

Movies at full blast

There is nothing better than watching a new release on the big screen, but your love for the big screen could damage your hearing.

Why some people can't clap to the beat

A small study suggests that people who can't clap, click or tap their foot in time to a beat may actually synchronise information differently, making them 'beat-deaf'.

Unpleasant sounds

Those irritating sounds always get the best of you, which often fuels your frustrations.

Decibel damage

Studies show that noise heightens stress levels and irritation, but how much noise can the ear tolerate before actual damage is caused?

IPod generation risks hearing loss

If it’s too loud, you’re too old, right? Wrong. Listening to loud music for long periods of time is no joke, and research shows that the iPod generation is most at risk.

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