Managing tinnitus using mindfulness

Leading audiologist Susan Swart discusses the use of mindfulness as a technique for coping with tinnitus, a ringing or noise in the ears. Mindfulness involves an awareness of oneself and one's body in the present, consciously and without passing judgement.

5 most mysterious sounds ever recorded

Mysterious, eerie noises have frequently been heard over the years, many of which cannot be explained. These are some of the strangest noises ever recorded.

7 week old baby smiles as he hears for the first time

Watch baby Lachlan smile as he hears for the first time at 7 weeks old! In the heart warming video, Lachlan, who was diagnosed with hearing loss, is fitted with his first hearing aid. Lachlan's parents told the Daily Mail that they are very happy to be able to share this special moment with the world!

Video: 'Fake' interpreter vs. the real one

Here are two videos showing a qualified sign language interpreter next to 'fake' interpreter, Thamsanqa Jantjies, at the Mandela Memorial Service. See the difference for yourself.

How noise affects your health

Listening to loud noises for long periods can have a huge impact on your health, one of which is permanent deafness.

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