Hearing in children

The new Widex REAL

Widex is proud to announce an affordable, state-of-the art hearing aid that does not compromise sound or comfort.

Are grommets worth the trouble?

Between the ages of six months and two years, many kids go through repeated cycles of ear infections that can cause pain, fever and hearing loss - either temporary or permanent.

The end of deafness?

With the latest technology no deaf child needs to remain captive in a world of silence. See what options are now available to help your child.

Prevent infection of the middle ear

Infection of the middle ear is one of the most common preventable causes of deafness, and children are particularly prone to it. Here's how to prevent it.

Hearing impairment identified too late

The average age at which children with a hearing loss are identified is two years and four months. In some cases it can be as late as six years. This week is Deaf Awareness Week.

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