About hearing management

A life of victory

Miss Deaf SA 2009, Vicki Fourie, overcame many obstacles by believing that 'courage isn't a gift, it's a decision.'

Deafness and hearing

Hearing loss is one of the most common health handicapping conditions among children and adults. The hearing sense is the cornerstone of communication.

Get greener hearing

Hearing loss means you use more energy trying to identify sounds - find out how it works, and how you can get greener hearing.

Hear, hear!

Gerhard (29) was born with a 3% hearing ability. But thanks to new developments in hearing-aid technology, he can now hear his own breathing. Take a look at this amazing video.

Symptoms of hearing deficiency

The symptoms of hearing deficiency are so varied that no one symptom would be interpreted as indicating the possibility of a loss.

Listen up

We generally take hearing for granted until something goes wrong.

Deaf blindness

If deaf blindness could be described in two words it would be "chaos" and "isolation". It's a unique sensory disability of combined loss of hearing and vision.

Hearing loss: what does it mean?

People who cannot hear are usually described as being “hearing impaired”. This term includes different types of hearing loss, regardless of the nature, cause and extent.

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