Kids and headache

When exams become a headache

Headaches have become a regular occurrence for students around this time of year and many of the feel vulnerable when dealing with this problem.

Make exams less painful

Students are so overwhelmed by the pressure of assignments and exams that they completely forget about the effect this is having on their health.

Brain freeze

Have you ever wondered what triggers an ice cream headache? Have a look at this simple explanation.

Depression-migraine link

Researchers might have found a link between migraine headaches and the risk of major depression and the two seem to exacerbate each other.

Managing summer headache risks

Seasonal changes and types of pollen in the air in summer which may serve to trigger headaches and migraines among people who prone to these conditions.

Headaches affect quality of life

A simple quality of life questionnaire provides patients with a handy tool that they can use to measure the impact headaches have on their quality of life.

Headaches alter lives of kids

For children and teens, migraines can affect their quality of life as much as having arthritis or even cancer, a new study finds.

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