General headache issues

20 headache facts

Whatever the cause, headaches are a real pain. How many of the following facts did you know?

No more PC headaches

Is using a computer all day giving you real headaches? Here are 10 things you can do before you pack in your job.

How to handle Ramadan headaches

Ramadan is meant to be a calm, spiritual time, but headaches triggered by fasting can ruin this special observance for many. Learn how to handle this common problem.

No need for a hangover

With a holiday break at your door step, you may be planning to indulge in the bottle. Consider these preventative steps to avoid a holiday of headaches and hangovers.

Headache alert

The brain is your body’s control centre, and headaches are often the early warning system for other conditions such as sinus infections or flu.

Headaches and the workplace

Headache-related productivity losses are costing the economy millions or perhaps even billions of rand, says Health24's Headache Expert.

Back to school headache

Back to school means new teachers and new friends, and unknown territory regarding new work. Up to 80 % of headaches are caused by muscle tension triggered by stress

Headaches: The productivity killer

One in five employees at a company suffers from headaches that impair their ability to do their jobs effectively. An expert has advice.

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