Hair loss

Updated 05 April 2016

Thinning hair, beware!

Most people believe that thinning hair is a normal part of ageing and can't be treated but for some, hair loss can be caused by poor diet and other lifestyle factors.


Whoever coined the term, “aging is not for sissies” was absolutely right. Because, let’s face it, for some of us getting older is not easy; your body begins to ache in places you didn’t know existed, and your bevy of doctors now have titles longer than Lord of the Rings’ characters. Although aging is a natural progression of life, it can feel as though there is nothing natural about it.

Many people believe that losing their hair is a result of getting older, but what they are not aware of is that outside factors such as stress, diet, medicine, infection and illness* can be the culprits. One of the challenges of aging, especially for our scalp and hair, is getting the right amount of essential nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

According to Maameya Dankwa, Brand Manager of Vigro® – a hair and scalp support product from Nativa – these behavioural factors can obstruct the required nutrients for normal hair growth reaching the scalp and hair follicles. 

“We have around 100 000 hairs on our head, and on a daily basis an average of 100 fall out naturally allowing for new hair to grow. However, influences in our daily lives can cause more hair strands to fall out resulting in hair loss overtaking hair growth, bringing about thinner hair.”

The active ingredients in the Vigro® 3-Step System can assist the scalp with non-genetic and non-hereditary hair thinning by cleaning and opening the hair shaft, as well as assisting hair follicles to reduce hair thinning through the active ingredient Follicusan™ and providing a combination of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy hair growth. 

* Vigro is not intended for hereditary or genetic hair loss. If unsure, consult a medical practitioner for a diagnosis.

For more information visit or call the customer care centre on 0860 628482 (NATIVA). The product is available for online purchase at Vigro.

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