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Updated 12 April 2016

Detangle the myths from the facts

Here's 5 hair growth myths to take off your to do list ...


Your hair is your crowning glory – but what happens when that “crown” starts to look a little less glorious than it did a month ago?  You do what everybody in this day and age does – consult the internet.

Now, you may come across some scary stats and even scarier diagnoses, but the truth is, that just because it appears on the “all-knowing-worldwide-web” doesn’t mean that it is true.

“There are many hair growth myths on the internet that seem credible, but when it comes to hair growth and hair loss, stick to a professional recommendation,” says Maameya Dankwa, Brand Manager of Vigro® – a hair and scalp support product from Nativa.

Here are 5 myths to take off your to do list:

1. Wearing hats can lead to hair loss

There are two ways that a hat can lead to thinning hair: firstly, if your hat is a little too tight for you, then it can actually pull out your hair as you remove it.Unless your hat fits so tightly that it physically pulls the hair from your scalp, wearing a hat will not lead to hair loss.

Secondly, some summer hats however can restrict air flow to your scalp, if worn over long periods of time, and increase sweat, which can cause your hair follicles to become blocked if worn over long periods of time and this can affect healthy hair growth.

“Clogged-up hair follicles from sweat and air pollution play a huge role in hair thinning, however, it is  manageable. It is important to have a hair treatment regime that allows for the thorough cleaning of the scalp which will open up clogged-up hair shafts and stimulate hair growth,” says Dankwa. So, please, don’t toss aside that all-important piece of sun protection just yet.

2. Only men suffer from thinning hair.

Although more men suffer from genetic hair thinning than women, there are many external factors that contribute to thinning hair across the genders. Stress, poor nutrition, pollution, illness and medication can all cause thinning hair that is not genetically induced. So by looking after yourself, you are also looking after your hair.

3. Standing on your head will make your hair grow.

Yes, gravity does have a habit of pulling down everything (whether we like it or not), but this is not one of those examples. This myth probably stems from the idea that blood flow increases your hair growth, and that thinning hair occurs when there is not enough blood going to your hair follicles. Now, half of this is true.

Yes, blood flow does play an important part in hair growth since it carries the nutrients and oxygen your hair needs to grow. However,  when less hair follicles are active your scalp needs leses blood and, therefore less blood flows to your scalp; it is therefore more of a symptom than a cause. Standing on your head is only going to leave you red in the face. 

4. Hot water can increase hair loss

The only reason to stop taking long, hot showers is water and electricity conservation. Cold water will do nothing for your hair, except make you feel uncomfortable, and when it comes to rinsing out shampoo, cold water will not do the job as effectively as warm water. The best solution is to use warm water to stimulate your hair follicles, as extreme heat from the water, the sun or even your hair dryer can damage your hair.

5. Brushing your hair 100 times a day increases hair growth

Although most moms enjoy telling their children this, and they themselves still do it religiously, this does not increase hair growth. In fact, there are some theoretical indications that brushing your hair this many times day-in-and-day-out may cause friction that can damage your hair cuticles and leave your hair look dull and limp.

Dankwa says, “If you are suffering from thinning hair,  the active ingredients in the  Vigro® 3-Step System such as the active ingredient Follicusan and a combination of vitamins and minerals, can assist the body with healthy hair growth stemming from non-genetic and non-hereditary hair thinning.”  It is much easier than standing on your head!

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