Transmission of HIV

How HIV is transmitted

We all have some knowledge of how HIV is transmitted, but what are the facts? Dr Avron Urison breaks down the detailed facts.

HIV/Aids in numbers

An estimated 34 million people worldwide had HIV in 2010. Our world map depicts how HIV/Aids affects nations across the world.

Professionals: safety first

Professionals working in high exposure environments need to ensure they are aware of the transmission methods of the disease and take appropriate preventative measures.

Transmitting HIV through contaminated blood

Did you know that HIV can be transmitted by unsterile or dirty instruments used for circumcision? There are many other ways that HIV is transmitted though contaminated blood.

HIV transmission myths

You won't get HIV/Aids if you sleep with a fat woman, but you can get it from hugging and mosquitoes. Preposterous and dangerous myths like these unfortunately abound.

Transmission through sexual acts

There are many sexual acts during which HIV can be transmitted and just as many myths surrounding who can and who can't get Aids.

Aids 101

It’s been with us for a quarter-century; you’d think we’d have a reasonably good grasp of how HIV/Aids works by now. But we could all do with a brush-up on the fundamentals.

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