The South African culture

Thinness associated with HIV/Aids

A new study has found that black women in South Africa would rather be overweight than thin for fear that people might think they may be suffering from HIV/Aids. DietDoc comments.

Aids denialist’s mystery death

Even her own daughter's death from Aids couldn't shake Christine Maggiore's denialist views on HIV. Now, with her own death, an era of fervent Aids denial may have run its course.

Sociocultural aspects of HIV/AIDS

South Africa is considered to be one of the countries worst affected by HIV/Aids in the world. Certain sociocultural factors have been identified as responsible.

Aids at the office

HIV/Aids is rife in the workplace and economists reckon it will cost the South African economy billions. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can make a difference.

How HIV drains our pockets

To help company owners confront the HIV epidemic through the eyes of their staff, Metropolitan Employee Benefits has compiled a hard-hitting report.

Understanding HIV stigma essential

There is a need for more effective interventions in dealing with HIV/Aids stigma as education is not enough, says a recent report by the Human Sciences Research Council.

HIV danger to migrant workers

The lives of migrant labourers in South Africa with regards to HIV/Aids has become an issue of concern, according to recent studies.

HIV/Aids takes our matrics

Despite the fact that many South African children have access to primary school, the impact of the HIV/Aids pandemic on education means that few will make it as far as matric.

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