Real-life story

HIV-positive for 30 years

David Patient (51) has been HIV-positive for almost 30 years. David lived in the US when he was diagnosed. He later returned to SA. This is his story.

HIV+ reverend tells all

Rev Christo Greyling tells the story of his life, HIV-diagnosis and struggle to overcome all the obstacles associated with this disease.

Night out with Bra Mo

The gay scene in Cape Town’s township is not always as in your face as in the city, but it’s there. Join Bra Mo’s friends on a few nights out . . .

Loving a man with HIV

One night changed everything when Neil and his partner Wynand were arrested. One walked out scott-free. The other one had to endure a gang rape and was left with a new HIV status.

Nokhwezi's disclosure tips

Before you disclose to anyone – even if that person is within the family – you have to accept your status, and be able to deal with the fact that you're now living with HIV.

“Brokeback marriage”

Married for over 10 years Hendrik helped his wife bring up two kids. Over 40 years old he decided to come out and indulge in the gay scene. Is he prepared to face the consequences?

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