Nutrition and AIDS

HIV and Nutrition

If you're HIV-positive, then nutrition and HIV is an important subject to focus on and understand, explains Dr Avron Urison of AllLife.

ARVs vs. weight loss

Preventing physical wasting and weight loss is an important aspect of HIV/Aids treatment among patients who aren't on ARVs. But other factors come into play for those who are.

HIV/Aids and nutrition

What is meant by "nutrition" and "nutrients"? And why is nutrition so important for people with HIV/Aids?

Nutrition no HIV/Aids cure

In the midst of the HIV/Aids-nutrition debate that is currently raging, thousands of people living with HIV/Aids are trying to make sense of mixed messages. We looked for answers.

Eating defensively

HIV-infected people are usually more vulnerable to contract food-borne illnesses because of their weakened immune systems. It is therefore important for people with HIV infection to follow basic food safety guidelines and to eat defensively.

Aids and supplements

Research studies indicate that increasing the intake of certain vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids can boost the immune system and help the body to fight against AIDS, thus prolonging life. Patients must also keep in mind that most of the anti-AIDS drugs deplete one or more vitamins and/or minerals in the body.

Bridging the HIV nutrition gap

Twenty years into a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives, there are still major gaps in terms of HIV/Aids and nutrition knowledge, equity, ideology and programming.

Problems that interfere with good nutrition

HIV/Aids may make it difficult to eat and digest food properly. Symptoms such as poor appetite, diarrhoea, nausea and mouth sores are often the result of immune system suppression, opportunistic infections and treatment side-effects.

Food safety

People living with HIV/Aids need to be especially careful about germs and the food that they eat, because their severely weakened immune systems might not be able to cope as effectively as a normal, healthy immune system and opportune diseases can set in.

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