Can government grants reduce HIV rates?

Dr Lucy Cluver (University of Oxford) discusses how government grants help improve the lives of children by stopping them from having transactional sex for food, school fees and other needs. Dr Linda-Gail Bekker (CEO of the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation) addresses the need for a multipronged approach to HIV prevention.

Methods to help control HIV/Aids

What methods could women use to safeguard themselves against HIV infection? This video clip looks at the need for good scientific research to guide women towards healthier choices.

HIV symptoms: Phase 1

This graphic will show what symptoms could arise during the acute sero-conversion phase of HIV.

HIV symptoms: Phase 3

This graphic indicates the symptoms that can occur during the minor symptomatic phase of HIV.

HIV/Aids Timeline

The evolution of HIV and how the Aids epidemic developed in South Africa.

HIV symptoms: Phase 2

The following graphic will show you what symptoms could be prevalent during Phase 2 of HIV.

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