Management of HIV/Aids

HIV & Exercise

Exercising should be a priority for everyone whether HIV positive or negative. Dr Avron Urison of AllLife explains the benefits of exercise for people living with HIV.

HIV and substance abuse

The link between HIV and drug-taking is not only related to dirty needles, but also to risk-taking behavior and impaired judgement, explains Dr Avron Urison of AllLife.

HIV medication side effects

When taking any choric medication some of the risks include side effects, Dr Avron Urison from AllLife explains the side effects of HIV medication.

“Drug holidays”

Antiretroviral therapy improves the health of persons with HIV by suppressing the virus and thus slowing the progression of the disease to Aids.

ARVs: the truth

There are so many rumours, myths and speculation about ARVs. But the simple truth is: it saves lives. Hundreds of thousands of them, every year.

HIV – not a death sentence

"HIV is a life sentence, but it's not necessarily a death sentence." These words by Aids activist Pieter-Dirk Uys were echoed at a media conference that had encouraging news.

Antiretroviral treatment

Many things can help to keep a person with HIV infection well for many years, eventually it becomes necessary to take antiretroviral drugs in order to lengthen a person’s life.

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