HIV and

HIV and Depression

Depression can affect people’s mind, mood, body and behaviour. Dr Avron Urison of AllLife, writes about the effect it has on HIV positive people and how they might skip their daily medication.

HIV and Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the most common Aids-defining illness in South Africa and worldwide, but people with HIV respond well to TB treatment, says Dr Avron Urison of AllLife.

HIV and Cancer

People infected with HIV have a substantially higher risk of some types of cancer compared with uninfected people of the same age, says Dr Avron Urison of AllLife.

Gay Soweto: new HIV shock

I’m black, I’m gay, and I’m sexually active in Soweto. In some ways, it’s a jungle out there.

From bug-chasing to denial

Bug-chasers actively seek out HIV infection. But their live-fast, die-young attitude is out of kilter with reality – living with the bug may be hard, but it’s not a death sentence.

New hope for HIV positive individuals

You are devastated, at the depths of despondency. Surely this must also mean the death sentence? And what about the stigma associated with having a perceived terminal illness?

'Lords of the Bling'

The world is in a recession but HIV is not, Watch this video to see what African leaders are squandering the public's money on.

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