Disease prevention

The importance of HIV screening

HIV testing is a critically important part of the overall fight against the HIV/Aids epidemic in South Africa, says Dr Avron Urison of AllLife.

General safer sex rules

Although abstinence and condoms are the best way of preventing HIV/Aids, there are a lot of general safer sex rules that one should follow.

You've done it. What now?

Sometimes post exposure prophylaxis is requested when a person has had risky sexual exposure, such as unprotected intercourse with a sex worker or a “one-night-stand”.

The gels that may stop HIV

The development of microbicides is being hailed by some as a breakthrough in the fight against HIV and Aids. But how do these gels actually work?

An introduction to disease prevention

Because there is no cure or vaccine for HIV-infection yet, prevention by not allowing the virus to get into the body in the first place, is the only answer.

Why HIV is still winning

New writings on the Aids pandemic suggest a solution is mostly a matter of using the tools we already have

How a foreskin ups HIV risk

One of the most effective weapons against HIV/Aids is in fact 4 300 years old. Circumcision has become a hot topic in the field of HIV prevention.

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