Preventing flu

Flu-proof your home

While it's impossible to banish the viruses that cause cold and flu, you can limit your family’s exposure to them at home.

15 tips to stay healthy in winter

Don't let colds and flu stop you this winter. Follow these tips and hints and you can continue to get more out life despite the weather forecast.

Flu: get fighting fit

With winter here, you are bound to be surrounded by coughers and sneezers wherever you go, greatly increasing your flu risk. Start an anti-flu action plan today. Here's how.

Vaccinate to prevent winter blues

The most effective strategy to combat serious complications brought on by influenza is through widespread timeous annual vaccination, especially in 'high risk' individuals.

Four steps to beating cold and flu this winter

Feel it – it is been here awhile. We’re talking about winter. Chilly days and long nights; soup-suppers and cosy nesting nights. It’s also cough-and-sniffle season for the unwary.

Hand washing vs expensive flu meds

In the run-up to the annual influenza season hard-pressed South African consumers are being encouraged to weigh up the relative costs of various preventative measures.

Hostile world

Watch these spectacular graphics of how the human body defends itself. We see some of the most dangerous sports in the world, a double hand transplant and the common cold.

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