First aid

The basics

What is first aid? What is CPR? Find out what first aid basics entail and learn how to respond to a life threatening emergency with the correct tools and techniques.


CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) saves lives. Someone’s life may depend on your reading this section..


Fever is when body temperature rises above normal (over 37°C).

Dealing with an emergency

No one wants to imagine having to deal with emergencies. But you can be a lifesaver if you know what to do and are able to help.

Road accidents

When stopping to assist at the scene of an accident, park in a safe position that does not add to an already dangerous situation.


Heatstroke is a medical emergency that occurs in hot, humid conditions. Core body temperature rises to 41 ° C .

The recovery position

The recovery position prevents a semiconscious or unconscious person from choking on the tongue or from vomit, blood or saliva.

Electric shock

Electric shock is when an electrical current passes through the body.


Long day at the beach, enjoyed the summer sun too much? Here's how to treat sunburn.


Poison may be swallowed, inhaled, absorbed through the mucous membranes or skin, or injected.

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