Smoke inhalation

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death related to fires. Follow these steps if you are assisting someone.


Long day at the beach, enjoyed the summer sun too much? Here's how to treat sunburn.


Burns are commonly caused by the sun, hot liquids, fire, electricity or chemicals.

First aid for serious sunburn

Sunburn easily results in first-degree burns, especially in young children. In severe cases, secondary burns could result.

Why the mask?

What is the purpose of the scary-looking mask, which is visible in pictures of London victims?

First aid for burns

If you know what to do if someone is burnt, you may be able to limit injuries. Better still, learn how to prevent a tragedy from happening in the first place.

Chemical burns of the eye

Chemicals which accidentally splash into the eye may rapidly harm its delicate surfaces and need prompt treatment.

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