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27 September 2001

How is a squint diagnosed?

Strabismus = an eye that is not straight.


The main symptom of strabismus is an eye that is not straight. Sometimes children will squint one eye in bright sunlight or tilt their head to use their eyes together. Strabismus can be diagnosed during an eye exam.

It is recommended that all children have their vision checked by their paediatrician, family doctor or ophthalmologist (eye specialist) at or before their fourth birthday. If there is a family history of strabismus or amblyopia, an ophthalmologist can check vision even earlier.

The eyes of infants often seem to be crossed. Young children often have a wide, flat nose and a fold of skin at the inner eyelid that can make the eyes appear crossed. This appearance of strabismus may improve as the child grows. A child will not outgrow true strabismus. An ophthalmologist can tell the difference between true and false squint.


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