Eye Health

Living with eye problems

Would you bleach your blood-shot eyes?

Everybody suffers from red eyes at some point in their lives, but some people have permanently discoloured eyes and are desperate to get them white again. This has created a whole new industry of eye whitening or bleaching - an untested and really dangerous procedure. We take a closer look.

Fitness and exercise going up in smoke

Did you know smoking and lack of physical activity are two of the top three risk factors for early death and chronic disease that individuals can change?

Sight of sore eyes

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of someone who has glaucoma, a cataract or other vision problems?

Goodbye to reading glasses?

An implantable eye device can help people with near vision (presbyopia) to see up close again, according to researchers.

Reading when you can't see

Whether born blind, or in the process of losing your sight in middle age, you need not go without the joys of reading.

Blind SA Iron Man on track

Hein Wagner, holder of the world blind land speed record, is off to the Korean Iron Man Competition. Health24 caught up with him as he was packing his suitcase.

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