Eye Health

Laser surgery

Laser of lense?

Die dae van ’n dikraambril wat jou neusbrug knyp, is lankal verby. Danksy laserbehandeling en moderne kontaklense kan enigiemand nou goed sien sonder ’n bril. Die vraag is, wat is die beste vir jou?

Sight-saving eye surgeries

The last two decades have witnessed many innovative developments in the field of eye surgery. Of these, the following five advances are considered the most important.

How to get through laser eye surgery

Today laser eye surgery is a popular and affordable treatment that provides long-term relief for sufferers of eye conditions. Here’s a complete guide of what to expect.

The wonder of lasers

Laser eye surgery is a common and simple procedure for improving your vision. But that is not all it is good for – it can also save your sight.

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