Eye Health

Eye Health FAQs

Worn out cantact lenses?

Typical signs that a lens is approaching the end of its life are hazy vision, discomfort, and lens discoloration and deposits.

Contact lenses and playing sport?

If your sport involves vigorous exercise, soft contact lenses are an appropriate choice. Your eye care practitioner can determine the best type of lenses based on your sport.

Contact lenses and presbyopia?

Presbyopia as a vision condition in which the eye cannot focus on near objects. Reading glasses or bifocal glasses are often prescribed, but contact lenses can be prescribed also.

Surgery on both eyes the same day?

Most people choose to have surgery on both eyes on the same day because the surgery is very safe. Also the inconvenience of having the surgery and recovering only occurs once.

20/20 Vision after laser surgery?

The results are excellent and usually by the next day you will notice a remarkable improvement in your natural (or uncorrected) vision.

Contact lenses after laser surgery?

Most patients do not require the contact lenses afterwards. Generally, if you were able to wear contact lenses prior to surgery, you will be able to wear them again after surgery.

Lenses - if eyes are bothering me?

It is not advisable to wear contact lenses if your eyes are bothering you, particularly if the discomfort is related to contact lens wear.

Tablets for contact lenses?

The need to use protein remover tablets depends on the amount of protein deposits your eyes produce and how often you replace your lenses.

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