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World Toilet Day is no joke

Imagine this: you are stricken with acute, severe diarrhoea in a public place. The catch: there is no toilet.

Body parts up for adoption

"Adopting" a poisoned liver or an amputated leg may seem macabre, but it's an innovative way to fund essential medical education.

Is it wrong to not want kids?

As world population swells to 7.3 billion, more people are choosing to go "child-free" - but still feel criticised by "breeders", they say.

Load shedding is your fault too

The knee-jerk response when the lights go out is to curse our friendly parastatal electricity provider, but we're all responsible for this mess.

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Jesus Buddha Mohamed says...

Tshediso Matona, The CEO of Eskom ladies and gentleman. Load shedding killed my baby
High-protein diet not green

The high-protein diet craze is bad news for the environment. Learn how to make greener dietary choices, yet still pack in plenty of protein.

Jaded: has Green Fatigue got you?

This World Environment Day (5 June 2014), the planet faces its worse threat yet: Green Fatigue. Fight it with these inspiring green-themed books and films.

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20 headache facts

Whatever the cause, headaches are a real pain. How many of the following facts did you know?


No more PC headaches

Is using a computer all day giving you real headaches? Here are 10 things you can do before you pack in your job.