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Posted by: Chris | 2017/05/08


Rectal bleeding intermittently for about 3 weeks.

I'm 28 years old and about 3 weeks ago, I had some diarrhea after eating something bad. At the end of that "diarrhea session", there was a small amount of blood after straining for a long time, could almost feel a tear happening. Anyways, I called my GI(who i saw for acid reflux months earlier), who said to increase fiber and water and thought it was hemmorhoids. I unfortunately didn't follow those instructions and it happened 2 more times in about 2 weeks. Today marks the 4th time in 3 weeks it's happened. I've also had the feeling of having to go even after having a bowel movement. The blood is bright red and in very small amounts, and seem to be happening after "straining" or a hard bowel movement. Once, I felt like knives were on the bowel movement when it was coming out. I went to the ER last week for this after I freaked out about it and they did a blood test to confirm I wasn't anemic and the doctor did a rectal exam where he found an anal fissure. I now bought metamucil and colace and will be trying that. My question is, my GI doctor thought maybe we should do a colonoscopy do settle my nerves, he thinks it sounds like anal fissures as well. However, I'm moving cross-country in a week and don't really have time. I'm super scared of having a colonoscopy and frankly I don't have time before moving. I also don't wanna wait in case it's colon cancer. Does this sound like anything worrisome, or just anal fissures like the doctor saw?

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