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Posted by: | 2017/09/16


Mucus in stool, yellow stool, stomachaches, nausea.

For a long time I’ve had stomach problems, it used to be daily diarrhea that seemed uncontrollable. I have been to many doctors, one of which proposed gluten intolerance in 2012. I went on a GF diet then and it seemed to help and a blood test in 2014 confirmed an allergy, although the doctor said it wasn’t celiac. I was near perfect for almost a year but then started having more problems again and a pain in my lower right side. I don’t really care about any pain, I just wanted to be able to eat (and poop) normally. Many doctors did tests and I even had a colonoscopy and ended up in the ER in 2015, to no avail. February of 2017 I go to the ER again and I end up getting my appendix removed. Once again all seemed well, only this time for about 6 weeks. Then I started having episodes where my feces would be yellow and I’d feel incredible nauseous, for usually 2 days. My doctor thought it was irritable bowel or maybe an adhesion from my surgery. Google led me to believe it was my gallbladder. I tried a low fat diet (am still on it) and it helps, just a little, sometimes. Fast forward to now and I’ve had an abdominal ultrasound and been told I’m fine. My stool is still yellow. What’s more, sometimes I feel like I have to poop and all that comes out is this clearish snotlike substance and when I wipe I can smell it, it doesn’t really stink, it smells almost musky, kinda of sugary too, in a way. My stools also always have lots of this mucusy stuff. Anyway, I’ve been told over the years it’s just IBS but I feel like that’s a pretty crazy case if it is... Any advice is majorly appreciated. I’m 6’, 175 lbs, white and 23.

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