Who is at risk

Diabetes risk includes a number of factors that can affect your blood sugar levels and make you become insulin resistant. These factors include genetics, weight, diet and fitness levels. Learn more about diabetes risk factors and find out if you could develop this chronic medical condition.

Could you have diabetes without realising it?

3.6 million South Africans have diabetes and many more are living with diabetes but aren't aware of it because they aren't experiencing symptoms. Know what's putting you at risk and why you should get screened.

Diabetes, TB and HIV/Aids

Few people realise that there are interactions between diabetes, TB and HIV/Aids, and that their treatments increase the negative impact of all three conditions.

Gene ups diabetes risk

New research has confirmed earlier studies into the causes of diabetes that indicated that a version of a specific gene might increase the risk of getting diabetes.

Free diabetes screening test

The Changing Diabetes Bus, offering free diabetes screening to all, will be visiting various communities during November and December.

Insulin resistance and diabetes

There is a rising incidence of type 2 diabetes in the same populations affected by obesity and coronary artery disease, since type 2 diabetes is also a disease of lifestyle.

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