Am I eating right for my diabetes?

Diet plays an enormous part in managing your diabetes. Not only does a healthy diet keep your weight in check, but it also enables you to manage your blood sugar levels.

How many meals and snacks do you eat daily?

How many of your meals/snacks contain starches (e.g. cereal, bread, crackers, potato)?

Is the rice, pasta, bread, cereal you eat mainly:

How many pieces of fruit do you eat daily (excluding fruit juice)?

Are you aware of the use of the glycaemic index in the eating plan of a diabetic?

How many alcoholic drinks do you consume?

When do you consume alcohol?

Do you have a snack or meal both before and after exercise?

How often do you eat sweets, chocolates, cakes, puddings or sweet biscuits?

If you do eat sweets, chocolates etc., do you eat them with a meal or as a snack in-between meals?

Would you consider diabetic chocolate or biscuits a healthy substitute?

How many different types of vegetables do you eat daily?

Do you know how to read food labels to ensure a low fat, low sugar intake?

Do you cut all visible fat and skin off meat and chicken before cooking it?

How often do you eat processed meats (e.g. sausage, salami), pastries or fried foods?

Which dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt) do you use most often?

Is your usual weight considered normal?

How often does your blood glucose level fall outside the normal range (fasting: 4,4-6,1 mmol/L; non-fasting: 4,4-8 mmol/L) when you test it?

Does your HbA1c level fall within the normal range when your doctor tests it?

Do you use artificial sweeteners in place of sugar?

How many artificial sweeteners do you use in a day?