Living with diabetes

How to exercise as a diabetic

Exercising as a diabetic can be tricky. We spoke to Crossfit coach, Mark Koekemoer, a type 1 diabetic, about how he trains and what advice he has for other diabetics.

Keep an eye on diabetes

This World Diabetes Day, be aware about how diabetes affects eyes and vision and know your ‘score’.

Diabetic Foot Care

When diabetes is not well controlled, possible damage to the organs and impairment of the immune system is likely.

New model predicts complications in type 1 diabetics

Researchers have developed a new model for predicting complications in type 1 diabetics, considering factors such as HDL cholesterol, waist-hip ratio and age, with the aim of using preventative measures to avoid complications occurring.

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

There are a number of ways that diabetes damages the nerves, but they all seem related to blood sugar being too high for a long period of time.

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