Living with diabetes

Living with diabetes can be tough but by actively managing stress, eating well and exercising often, diabetes does not have to negatively affect your work or social life. Learn more about being diabetic with information on type 2 diabetes diet and more.

Managing diabetes can stress teens

Teens with type 1 diabetes may need help as they begin taking more responsibility for monitoring their blood glucose levels and administering insulin, a new study suggests.

Walking aids diabetes

Among people at high risk for diabetes who get very little exercise, those who manage to walk more throughout the day are less likely to actually develop it, according to a study.

Diabetes self-management works

A study shows adults with type 2 diabetes were able to reduce their weight and blood pressure and maintain them when following an individually tailored self-management program.

Diabetes absenteeism in SA

Diabetes absenteeism is not high at South African companies, absenteeism management company CAM Solutions said on Wednesday.

Alcohol very risky for diabetics

People who have certain chronic medical conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, are even more susceptible than most to the ill effects of alcohol, though they may not be aware of how potentially dangerous alcohol can be.

Diabetics may be risky drivers

Drivers with diabetes who have trouble telling when their blood sugar is low may get behind the wheel when they shouldn't.

Diabetics have higher tooth loss

The risk of vision problems and amputations for people with diabetes is well known, and now research shows that diabetics lose twice as many teeth as those without the disease.

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