About diabetes

Diabetes: type 1

Type 1 diabetes is a disorder of sugar metabolism in which the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin.

Diabetes: type 2

Type 2 diabetes is the most common variety of diabetes. It is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism in which the body effectively becomes resistant to the hormone insulin.

Prevalence of diabetes in South Africa

'The diabetes tsunami is here. And we in South Africa are in trouble.' This is the stark warning of an SA diabetes expert over the fast-growing diabetes numbers in South Africa.

Could you have diabetes and not know it?

Would you know if you were diabetic? According to Diabetes South Africa over 3 million South Africans are living with diabetes, and many more are undiagnosed.

Diabetes: take charge

Undiagnosed or unmanaged high blood sugar leads to serious health problems, but you can dramatically lower your risk for these with lifestyle changes.

Diabetes: get tested

Find out more about blood sugar testing, and check your risk factors for diabetes.

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