What is Alzheimer’s disease? One of the most common forms of dementia, Alzheimer's disease is marked by a progressive degeneration of brain tissue and primarily affects people over the age of 65. Alzheimer’s is often incorrectly referred to as senile dementia. Learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease here.

Gene therapy may prevent and treat Alzheimer's

Scientists used a modified virus to deliver a gene that may prevent the formation of the sticky clumps of protein in the brains of Alzheimer's patients into the brain cells of mice.

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

This incurable brain disease was named after the German physician Alois Alzheimer and is the most common form of dementia. The disease is marked by a progressive degeneration of brain tissue.

Causes of Alzheimer’s disease

The causes of Alzheimer’s disease are not fully known. Research into the causes has found two main forms of neural damage or abnormalities that can be linked to the disease.

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