Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer vaccine

3 400 SA women could be saved

Cervical cancer (a disease that kills more than 3 400 South African women each year) can be eradicated within this century if all young women are vaccinated in time.

Protect your daughter from cancer

A US study revealed that only half of American mothers intend to have their teenage daughters vaccinated against HPV – which is the primary cause of cervical cancer.

7 facts about HPV

What is the human papillomavirus (HPV) and what health risks are associated with it? Why is the cervical cancer vaccine now known as the HPV cancer protection vaccine and who should get it?

A cancer we can beat

Cervical cancer claims 250 000 lives every year. Yet, we have the tools to virtually eliminate it. So, what's stopping us?

Cervical cancer vaccine

A vaccine that provides near-total protection against cervical cancer was approved by the Medicines Control Council of SA, GlaxoSmithKline announced.

Cervical cancer update

The good news: there is now a vaccine against HPV and an alternative to the pap smear test.

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