Triggers and prevention

7 dangers signs of cancer

There is no single tell-tale sign that you have cancer. Look-out for the following common signs and symptoms related to cancer.

16 tips on avoiding cancer

Everyone wants to avoid cancer. Here are some practical tips on everyday things you can do from one of South Africa's top cancer researchers.

Early lymphoma diagnosis critical

One million people worldwide live with lymphoma, yet most South Africans know very little about this type of cancer. Lymphoma Awareness Day is the ideal time to get informed.

What is Bisphenol A (BPA)?

The Cancer Association of South Africa has compiled a fact sheet explaining why we should be worried about Bisphenol A (BPA).

Most cancers can be prevented

Most cancers are related to diet and lifestyle and about 80% of cancer cases can be prevented, according to Dr Albrecht, cancer specialist and research coordinator

Colorectal cancer: ignoring a gut feeling?

Colorectal cancer (colon cancer) is the fourth most common cause of death from cancer across all cancer types in men and women worldwide, killing around 700 000 people each year.

Beware of BPA in baby bottles

The danger of BPA in baby bottles has been highlighted again by the Cancer Association of South Africa. They are renewing their call for a national ban.

Cancer risks: truth and myth

From Facebook and power lines to deodorants and pesticides, the world is allegedly teeming with cancer-causing agents. Which are real and which are urban legend?

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