Real-life story

TV presenter shares his cancer story

I realised pretty soon after my diagnosis with non-Hodgkins lympoma that a part of dealing with cancer is knowing there will be good days along with the bad ones, says TV presenter Xylon van Eyck.

FW de Klerk speaks out about his cancer experience

Former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, FW de Klerk knows exactly how colon cancer can affect someone. He was diagnosed with this type of cancer in 2006 and has been in remission for seven years now.

Living with leukaemia for 22 years

Trevor Steyn had returned to Cape Town from a holiday on the coast of the Eastern Cape when he began feeling unwell. Read his story of leukaemia here.

Random GP visit saves patient

It was by pure chance that Roxine van der Merwe found out she had Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia (CML). Today she is living a completely normal life. Read her story here.

'Cancer is sneaky'

Cancer is a subversive disease that sneaks through your body and spreads propaganda to anyone who’ll listen. I know – my own cells were subverted. Cancer survivor Paddy Hartdegen shares his story.

Profit vs. bedside manner

Facing a cancer diagnosis is frightening, but dealing with empathic and communicative medical staff can make it a little easier. This blogger is having a different experience.

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