Cancer treatment

Radiation side effects

Approximately 60% of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy, and thousands of people become cancer free after treatment. However, some are not helped by radiation therapy.

80% of cancers preventable

20 000 lives per day worldwide. Eighty percent of these deaths are preventable. Is the rapidly expanding field of cancer genetics going to change things?

Hidden cancer secrets revealed

Scientists are working around the clock to find suitable and effective ways to combat cancer. Health24 brings you news from the forefront of cancer treatment and care.

Hyperthermia: turning the heat up on cancer

A Pretoria hospital is the first medical facility in Africa to offer a new form of hyperthermia for cancer treatment, which can increase patients' survival chances dramatically.

SA may lose cancer treatment tool

PET-CT scanning, which changes the management of cancer treatment in up to 30% of cases, could become something of the past for South Africans.

Gazing deeper into the body

The last five years have seen great advances in medical imaging techniques, allowing doctors extraordinary views into the human body and the opportunity to fine-tune treatments.

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