Cancer and your diet

Could vitamin D help prevent cancer?

According to news reports, vitamin D could help prevent colon cancer. But excessive intakes of vitamin D could also be dangerous. What should you know?

Can diet prevent cancer?

In South Africa one in six men and one in seven women will get cancer during their lives. Could dietary changes help prevent cancer?

Cancer and diet

Diet plays an important role in protecting against cancer. An incorrect diet can, however, increase the risk of certain cancers. We list what you should and shouldn't do.

Foods that may help prevent cancer

When it comes to making healthy food choices, which foods should you eat, and which should you rather avoid to prevent cancer or help your body fight an existing cancer? DietDoc takes a closer look.

Could braais cause cancer?

South Africans are fond of eating meat that is braaied over a fire. Could braaied meat, however, cause cancer?

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