Campaigning for cancer

Empowering cancer patients in the workplace

Campaigning for Cancer has announced its new Cancer@Work Programme which is aimed at helping cancer patients and their employers to understand their rights and obligations and the cancer journey.

Cancer: sent home with a headache pill

Cancer sufferer Barnett Fine was initially sent home with headache meds. His hospital lacked crucial supplies and failed to give him the treatment he needed. He later died in pain.

Talking to your doctor

As a patient you have the right to ask questions about your health. Every time you talk with a doctor or funder you have the right to ask questions regarding you healthcare.

Patient advocacy explained

Advocacy is the process of trying to change policies to reflect the needs of individuals and communities.

A tale of two patients

Read this story of two cancer patients to learn why access to the right treatment at the right time is so crucial.

A daughter's plea for cancer treatment

'My father passed away from a cancer that, if he had been screened for it earlier, would have been curable.' Read Hanna's story about her father's suffering and lack of treatment.

What is Campaigning for Cancer?

Campaigning for Cancer is an advocacy organisation that was formed in 2008 to give South African cancer patients and those affected by the disease a voice.

Finding cancer info on the internet

Often, once you have been diagnosed with cancer, your first thought is too turned to the internet for information on your disease and the journey you’re about to undertake.

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