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Lipomas are usually non-cancerous growths, or tumours, caused by abnormal genes in fat cells. They are most common in women over the age of 40, but also occur in men and occasionally in children. Lipomas are made up largely of fat, and usually occur in fatty areas under the skin. They are not dangerous unless they interfere with the workings of another organ. If dangerous or unsightly, they can be removed by surgical excision or liposuction, or treated with radiation therapy.

'The Voice of Lymphoma' spreads the word

The 15th of September marks the 11th anniversary of World Lymphoma Awareness Day, and 'Be Cancer Aware' will be launching the 'I am the voice of Lymphoma' campaign in SA.

Carcinoid syndrome

Symptoms and problems caused by the secretion of large amounts of various chemicals by a specific carcinoid tumour (also called an argentaffinoma ).

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