Real-life story

Cancer and keeping your full-time job

Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic enough. But when you work full-time and are a parent, the cancer is not your only problem. Breast cancer survivor Barrie Sidelsky shares her story.

Angelina: preventative breast removal

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has undergone a double mastectomy in a preventive surgery against breast cancer. Sharon Osborne did it too. Here's why.

Diagnosed with breast cancer

Heidi du Plessis was diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a swelling of her breast during a routine self-examination. Here is her story.

'Cancer's a bitch'

Samantha Jankovich is being treated for breast cancer. Read her whacky tales about how she deals with cancer while she gets on with her life.

Biologics and breast cancer

Carrie Brown was only 27 years old when her battle with breast cancer began. She was diagnosed in 2004 - and again in 2007. But she's beaten it with the help of biologic therapy.

All about IORT therapy

Intraoperative Radiotherapy is a breast cancer treatment in which the whole radiation therapy treatment is given during surgery. Read here about Christine Mouton's experience.

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