Real-life story

Off my chest

Did Angelina Jolie urge women worldwide to ensure early detection with the announcement of her double mastectomy?

Cancer and keeping your full-time job

Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic enough. But when you work full-time and are a parent, the cancer is not your only problem. Breast cancer survivor Barrie Sidelsky shares her story.

Diagnosed with breast cancer

Heidi du Plessis was diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a swelling of her breast during a routine self-examination. Here is her story.

'Cancer's a bitch'

Samantha Jankovich is being treated for breast cancer. Read her whacky tales about how she deals with cancer while she gets on with her life.

Angelina: preventative breast removal

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has undergone a double mastectomy in a preventive surgery against breast cancer. Sharon Osborne did it too. Here's why.

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