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Meet the Breast Cancer Experts

Dr Gudgeon and Dr Boeddinghaus from Cape Breast Care have recently come onboard to answer breast cancer queries from Health24 readers.

Bone drug may prevent breast cancer

New results from a large women's health study suggest that bone-building drugs such as Fosamax and Actonel might help prevent breast cancer.

Antiperspirants and breast cancer

An email claiming that the leading cause of breast cancer is the use of anti-perspirants, is once again doing the rounds. We set out to find out the truth once and for all.

Poorer women get less chemo

Poorer women with breast cancer are more likely to receive reduced doses of chemotherapy from their doctor, a new study suggests.

Common chemical ups cancer risk

Infants exposed to BBP, a chemical additive used in pipes and other household items, may affect mammary gland development and perhaps increase the susceptibility to breast cancer.

Cancer spreading gene identified

A single gene appears to play a crucial role in deadly breast cancers, increasing the chances the cancer will spread and making it resistant to chemotherapy, researchers say.

Fitness vs. breast cancer

Women who are physically active in the year before they receive a diagnosis of breast cancer are more likely to survive the disease, a new study finds.

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