Do yoga for back health

Get back to basics and empower yourself through yoga to evaluate how modern living may perpetuate back pain.

Backache facts you need to know

Nothing is quite as incapacitating as a severe backache. Or as painful. So how much do you know about your back? Read the following facts and find out.

Slouching a real back-breaker

Your mother was right after all. The effects of bad posture can be debilitating. We take a look at what it actually does to your body and what you can do about it.

10 ways to fix your back

While many different things can cause backache managing the pain is similar for most of these. Here are a few tips how you can manage your back pain.

Doctors ignore back pain guidelines

Many doctors ignore guidelines about the treatment of back pain and make extensive use of scans like MRIs and the most addictive painkillers, new research finds.

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