Causes of backache

The possible causes of back pain

Backache can be caused by an accident or an injury to the spine, degenerative, metabolic or congenital disease, or it may be the result of developmental problems or a tumour.

Neck or back pain

Do have neck or back pain but no pain in your arms or legs? Is it a new pain you’ve had for less than four weeks? It could be a muscle that’s in spasm or torn or a herniated disc.

Unbearable back pain

This is most probably caused by a broken vertebra, a tumour, a bacterial or tubercular infection or arthritis.

Top 3 causes of backache

Back pain is one of the most common reasons we go to the doctor. Here’s everything you need to know to help your aching back.

What is back pain?

This article explains back ache, the structure of the spine and back, and the factors that can increase your risk for back problems.

Back pain - from Natural Standard

Back and neck pain are the most common chronic pain conditions. Back and neck pain can arise from soft tissues, bony parts of the back and neck, and joints holding the spine in alignment. It can arise directly or indirectly from the discs in the back or neck, and it can occur when nerves and nervous tissue, normally protected by the bones of the spine, are compressed by those bones.

Back pain with bladder problems

You’ll need emergency surgery because something is pressing on your spinal cord and is affecting the nerves to your bladder and sexual organs.

How genes give you a bad back

Your genetic make-up is by far the most definitive factor when it comes to determining whether you’ll develop back problems.

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