Asthma and children

Stress ups asthma risk in kids

Stress caused by events such as moving, changes in family relationships and death can raise a child's risks for asthma attacks four-fold, according to a study.

Diagnosing asthma in children

Diagnosing asthma in infants and toddlers can be difficult as many children wheeze and suffer recurrent colds, especially if exposed to colds and coughs at a crèche or day mother.

Increase in asthma among Africans

A higher degree of sensitisation to allergens among black Africans and an increased incidence of asthma among local teenagers is cause for concern, local researchers report.

The asthmatic child and school

Does your child have asthma? The good news is that most schools are used to handling children with this fairly common condition.

Children and asthma: the numbers

Roughly 80% of all childhood asthma occurs before the ages of five years. Diagnosing asthma in infants and toddlers can be difficult.

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