Juvenile arthritis

Helping kids fight arthritis

A high school counsellor and a paediatric rheumatologist, Dr Chris Scott, have joined forces to raise funds for children facing life-threatening forms of juvenile arthritis.

JA and educators

As an educator or caregiver you’ll benefit greatly from understanding what juvenile arthritis (JA) is if you have a JA sufferer under your care.

JA and children

Whatever the physical complications of juvenile arthritis (JA), the psychological issues are more likely to affect the lives of you and your family.

JA and teens

Having a child with a chronic illness such as juvenile arthritis (JA) can be emotionally draining, and physically taxing.

JA and exercise

Exercise is particularly good for juvenile arthritis (JA). It keeps the joints mobile, the muscles strong, improves general fitness and endurance.

JA and young adults

Young adults with juvenile arthritis (JA)are subject to the same anxieties and concerns as young people everywhere.

JA and diet

All children need proper nutrition; those with juvenile arthritis (JA) need it more than most.

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