Massage away allergies

Without a doubt, allergies can make you and your little one miserable. Massage can relieve symptoms by improving circulation, lessening anxiety and releasing muscle tension.

A dust mite free home

It’s disconcerting that bugs live in your bed. But there are plenty of them. They’re called house dust mites and they might quietly live off the flakes of skin you shed.

Fight the common mould allergy

The term "hay fever" brings to mind pollen and ragweed allergies, but mould can be the sneaky culprit behind summer sneezing, sniffling and itchy eyes.

A sneeze could be deadly

A sneeze at the wrong place and time could be fatal. As with talking on your cell phone, sneezing behind the wheel significantly raises your risk for an accident.

Get the ay-Tissuesss out of your life

Did you know that pollen levels are at their highest levels between 5 am and 10 am? Here's a practical guide to things you can do to protect you from allergens indoors.

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