Allergy triggers

When pollen is in the air

Spring is in the air. And so are a thousand allergy-causing pollens. This is bad news for the growing number of people suffering from allergies whether it is hay fever, asthma, eczema or other forms of allergies.

Lupin allergy

Lupin foods are becoming increasingly more common and popular. Experts, however, warn that there is a link between lupin and peanut allergies - important news for allergy sufferers.

Fight Spring allergies

The warm days of Spring are here again and as welcome as the warmth and sunshine might be, it also signifies the start of Spring allergy season.

Main allergy triggers

There are more than 240 allergens, some rare and others very common. Who’d have thought that barley, pigeon feathers, silk, egg yolk, vanilla and lentils could be allergens?

Allergy shock

Watch these videos of what happens to people when they eat something to which they are allergic.

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