Updated 18 September 2013

A raw deal for SA women: users speak

Are women really second-class citizens? Here’s what users had to say.

According to the Gender Statistics in SA 2011 report the scale remains tilted in favour of men with regards to education and literacy, employment and financial standing.

Are SA women second class citizens? Here’s what users had to say.

Timetofly V Valkyrie: The very fact this world is so messed up shows who the real second rates are, thankfully in my life and household we all equals. As long as women allow themselves to be treated that way then the above article will always be true especially in black and white society. I notice women always defer to men in everything whether right or wrong, that needs to change and you women believe in yourselves, educate and know you got more of a brain and mind to function well if not better than men.

Leon Kaltwasser: Women want equal rights to education and employment opportunities. But they simultaneously want to be mothers as well. That does not work in the workplace arena especially not in the private sector. They must attend to domestic matters which are to the detriment of the employer. They've got the means and support not to get pregnant. They can abort the foetus if they want to focus on their careers. Whose fault is it? This status is bound to remain unchanged.

Louwellen Van Rooy: What is the problem? Women were second class since Eve fed Adam the fruit in paradise. She knew what she was up to and that is why they are second class citizens.

Tanya Eyden: Women need to be educated, gone are the days when we would be home barefoot and pregnant and when the husband becomes abusive, "if" then there's no place to run. Educated women can stand on their own 2 feet and raise their kids.

Stefan van Biljon: Biggest nonsense. I am a white S.A. male. Before the ANC came into power I worked and earned enough to sustain myself. I am 40 years old I haven’t had a decent job for 15 years since I was retrenched! My salary is R3500 a month, my rent is R2700 rand a month I have to beg for food and clothes. I have no car! I can’t support a family so I cannot get married! Yet I work from 8:30 to 17h00 every day! God will not bless or have mercy on S.A. because of its corrupt and satanic government. And they will pay for it sooner or later!


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